US Marine Corps seeks counter-UAS equipment

The US Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM) is conducting a market outreach to identify potential sources for the capability of manufacturing and delivering a Counter Drone or Counter-Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) or similar product. Future procurement quantities of C-UAS could range between 6-10 systems.

The C-UAS shall meet, at a minimum, the following requirements:

Provide an air surveillance system;

Capable of detecting, recognizing, classifying, identifying unmanned aircraft/drone;

Utilize electronic warfare and direction-finding system, that may include Automatic Target; Recognition (ATR) algorithms using acoustics, frequency, emitter signatures, or other electronic surveillance and recognition variables to provide positive identification of UAS/UAV systems;

Include electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) camera or similar technology for visual identification by the C-UAS operator;

Capability to intercept UAS/ UAV through operator Ground Control Intercept (GCI) to come into proximity of the targeted UAS/UAV to employ countermeasures;

Capability to employ countermeasures including the ability to jam/block the radio frequency link between the UAS/UAV and its operator; other possible countermeasures may include the ability to fire a net, laser, projectile, or direct energy;

System control is to be employed by a single operator.

Vendors should provide the following: