The Acceptance Committee meeting for a key control point acceptance

On February 27, 2020 the Acceptance Committee meeting was held in IANS, JSC head office to accept a key control point called "Exploratory research to resolve design and technological issues" in the project named "Creation of a digital and flight platform of the unmanned aerial systems test site" (UAS test site, hereinafter – Project). The meeting was attended by the representatives from the Collective Acceptance (Expert) Committee, ensuring public control, as well as from "Almaz-Antey" Air and Space Defenсe Corporation" JSC, Russian Space Systems JSC, National Technological Initiative Project Office, Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) and others.

The Project Executive Mikhail Kanevskiy presented the design and engineering work results on the UAS test site hardware and software complex. Moreover, the following reports were presented:

  • "Justification and possibility of creating a pilot environment on the territory of the Russian Federation for UAS testing ". Speaker – Roman Naumov (The National Research Center "Zhukovsky Institute")

  • "Two environmental UAS test site". Speakers – Vladimir Sokolyansky and Vladislav Borodin (The Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky)

Upon the results of the submitted reporting documentation examination and Project public defense the Acceptance Commission decided, by general consent, to accept the result of the work performed on the Project key control point of the Project as properly executed and accept such control point.

In addition, two more reports were presented:

  • Project Executive Mikhail Kanevskiy made a report on the need to clarify the equipment requirements for the UAS test site at the Orlovka airfield as well as the need to involve GBAS/SBAS technologies in the projects UAS test site and RUTM1.

  • The Chief Designer from Russian Space Systems, JSC Smirnov Alexander made a report "Russian wide-range functional extension to the augmentation and monitoring system" about the augmentation and monitoring system readiness as the GLONASS functional addition. The system will provide formation and delivery of adjusting information and the information on the integrity of GLONASS and GPS GNSS navigation fields in SBAS format to consumers in Russia.

At the request of the Project Executive, the Acceptance Committee recommended holding a joint meeting of the UAS test site and RUTM1 projects governing boards in order to prepare a joint position on projects changes. After the position is formed Aeronet expert working group as well as design and manufacture companies, scientific community representatives, Aeronet association, leading experts in the field of RUTM1 objectives implementation should review it. Moreover, the Acceptance Committee recommended the RUTM1 project managing board to suspend MLAT stations purchase before making a decision to implement GBAS/SBAS technologies in UAS test site and RUTM1 projects.

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