PABLO AIR: Drone delivery available for remote areas in South Korea

Drones delivering packages from Incheon Port to nearby islands in South Korea, is expected to be commercialised next year, according to This service is currently conducted using 10 passenger ship routes. However, PABLO AIR, a member company of the Born2Global Centre, plans to use its unmanned aerial vehicles to enable a higher-efficiency service.

Selected for Incheon’s robot promotion program, PABLO AIR offers an integrated system based on drone swarm technology. The operating software are tailored to the characteristics of the Port which covers an airport, numerous ports and industrial complexes.

PABLO AIR, based at Incheon Port, and capable of operating 100 drones at one time, recently demonstrated Korea’s first trial of long-range drone operation over the sea which covered 57.5 kms and took close to 2 hours.

The company is planning another test flight of 50 kms from Incheon Port to Jawoldo and Ijakdo islands in Woongjin County. Incheon Port Authority will provide an area exclusively for the takeoff and landing.

A spokesperson said, “With its airport, industrial complexes, ports and free economic zone, Incheon is well-suited for the development of the technology. We aim to fill in the logistics void in island regions by utilising the port’s infrastructure and drone technology.”