IANS - ATM interview about UAS Test Site creation and UTM integration possibilities in Russia

Recently IANS had the opportunity to talk with Air Traffic Management about the upcoming opening of the UAS Test Site (Droneport) which is going to be used for UAV testing and certification as well as the platform for unmanned and manned aircraft integration into non-segregated airspace

"One such initiative is very exciting as it’s using advanced technologies to bring UTM management into the ATM management.  The project was described as a ‘cyber-physical platform’, where there is the physical airspace and a digital twin in the cyber airspace working together.  It all began last year, with a government grant to develop UTM digital certification and BVLOS integration.  The grant was provided by the national Technology Initiative (NTI) Support Fund.  The Fund provides grants for the government support of NTI centers based within the Russian Federation.  These grants are state supported for higher education and scientific organisations out of the subsidies from the federal budget.

Within the framework of the NTI program, IANS was awarded the grant in December of 2019 and is developing a project for the ‘Creation of a digital and flight platform of the unmanned aerial systems (UAS) test site”.  Activities are performed in conjunction with the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI) and the National Research Center “Zhukovsky Institute”.  There are more than 40 UAS test sites active globally, but this is the first in Russia.

The site will open during 2021 at the Orlovka airfried in the Tver region.  The activities that are planned for this location are to develop and conduct UAS tests, justify the UAS site configuration and its main technical solution.  The project strives to provide an accelerated assessment of UAV airworthiness in Russia through a combination of physical and virtual tests.  This certification process is mandatory for drones that weigh more than 30 kilograms.  In addition, there will be research aimed at radar and meteorological flight support – video surveillance, flying laboratories, etc.