IANS and Russian Space Systems sign a contract for SDCM installation

IANS Concern, JSC has signed an agreement with Russian Space Systems, JSC regarding installation of the navigation data collection station of the System for the Differential Corrections and Monitoring (SDCM) at the UAS Test Site (Orlovka airfield).

SDCM is a GLONASS infrastructure functional addition providing generation and delivery of updating information and the information on the integrity of GLONASS and GPS GNSS navigation fields in SBAS format to users in Russia. In relation to UAS, SDCM will ensure the following tasks:

1. Real-time measurement and provision of UAV coordinates with tolerance not exceeding 0.1 m (RCS) to UAS operators

2. Alarm signals within 6 or less seconds for users in SDCM service area in case of navigation support integrity violation in GLONASS and other global navigation satellite systems in accordance inter alia with the service area (double coverage area) requirements of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices and RTCA MOPS DO-229

3. Compatibility and complementarity with foreign wide-range GNSS functional additions (WAAS systems (USA), EGNOS (EU), MSAS (Japan), GAGAN (India) systems.

The navigation data collection station is to be deployed at the Orlovka airfield as part of the RUTM-1 and UAS Test Site projects and provides the following:

  • SDCM wide-range functional extension services as part of the global UAS commercial application

  • Airborne and ground-based UAV monitoring and control systems development and certification

  • Airborne and ground-based UAV conflict avoidance system development and certification (ABDAA/GBDAA)

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