First step towards creating a high-precision navigation system has been made at the UAS Test Site!

The Droneport Aeronet Center for Shared Usage has acquired a station for collecting navigation information received from satellites from the “LUCH” multifunctional space relay system.

The Orlovka monitoring facility will become a part of the ground infrastructure of the GLONASS functional supplement as the GLONASS System for Differential Corrections and Monitoring (SDCM).

SDCM ensures the creation and delivery of corrective data and navigation fields integrity information of GNSS GLONASS and GPS in the SBAS format to consumers on the territory of the Russian Federation. Within the framework of the UAS Test Site and RUTM1 projects SDCM will provide coordinate-time and navigation determination of UAS with increased accuracy.

In the near future Russian Space Systems, JSC and IANS Concern, JSC together with the Federal Transport Agency will begin preliminary certification tests of the SDCM aircraft components at the Orlovka airfield.

Within the framework of the RUTM1 project, Russian Space Systems, JSC and ASTRA, JSC will start developing a compact SDCM receiver for differential corrections as part of a unified on-board aviation surveillance module for UAS.