Drones into the regions: destination – Tver region

UAS application for service-transporting means test region framing

In Pogorelsky rural settlement of Zubtsovsky district in Tver region public hearings began to consider changes in the General Plan regarding the transfer of agricultural land to industrial, energy, transport, communications, broadcasting, television, computer science, land for space activities, defense, security and land for other special purposes, to accommodate the UAS flight test center.

IANS employees (taking into account the requirements of the quarantine safety) together with the representatives of local authorities actively participated in a population survey in order to popularize future services for UAS use in Tver region.

Earlier, the Government of the Tver region supported the initiatives of IANS and ASTRA JSC to deploy commercial use of UAS in the Zubtsovsky district, consequent to the infrastructure deployment in this region of two Aeronet NTI projects – UAS test site and RUTM1.

Residents of more than 50 villages of Pogorelsky rural settlement supported the initiatives of the Aeronet community and voted for drones flying in their region airspace and for the Droneport Aeronet center construction near Orlovka airfield.