Archer develops exciting eVTOL aircraft to improve mobility in cities

Archer is developing an all-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft focused on improving mobility in cities. The company announced its launch on May 21st, 2020, reports

Archer’s aircraft (as yet unnamed) can carry four passengers for up to 100 km at speeds of up to 241 km/h, using today’s battery technologies. The company aims to provide a faster, sustainable, and affordable urban transportation option. Archer says “it’s unique design will also offer passengers increased safety while producing minimal noise compared to helicopters.”

The company was founded in early 2020. An image of its preliminary aircraft designs shows six pairs of five-bladed, highly tapered propellers. The wing is fixed but the propellers tilt up for vertical flight. The sleek fuselage is completed with a V-tail.

Initially, Archer plans to focus on dense markets with heavy traffic congestion. In the long term, Archer says it will expand its reach, developing a unique air taxi transportation network. “Our goal is to make our electric aircraft just as safe as commercial airliners,” the website states.

With a facility adjacent to the Palo Alto Airport (in the San Francisco Bay Area), Archer is “dedicated to reshaping urban air mobility, focusing on saving time for users in urban areas.” The company is led by co-founders Brett Adcock and Adam Goldstein, serial entrepreneurs who recently sold marketplace startup Vettery to The Adecco Group for over $100M.

Marc Lore, another serial entrepreneur and CEO of Walmart eCommerce, is the largest investor in the company. With Lore’s backing, Archer says it “has the capital needed to lead the urban air mobility market, while leveraging Lore’s unp