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UAS test site software and hardware complex functionality

The performance of virtual and full-scale UAS flight tests, as well as end-to-end test data processing to assess the compliance of UAS characteristics with the requirements of airworthiness standards and technical specifications is provided by the following functionality of the UAS test site:


Certification works planning:

  • planning of experimental and test flights taking into account pre-known factors (test program, personnel availability) and random factors (weather conditions, UAS serviceability)

  • planning of all types of work taking into account resources optimization (personnel, equipment, computing power)

  • planning of a full cycle of computational experiments taking into account the iterative modeling process and its connection with the flight test program

  • planning of flight experiments including route and profile development, as well as preliminary flight experiment completion in a virtual environment to verify compliance with operational restrictions

  • automated generation and approval of pre-flight documents taking into account test site capabilities and external factors

End-to-end information management in the certification process:

  • management of certification requirements and ensuring their traceability to airworthiness standards

  • management of test program data and ensuring its traceability to certification requirements

  • storage and management of a full set of argumentative documents

  • end-to-end monitoring of changes to ensure the certification document system integrity

Performance of computational experiments:

  • providing creation and verification of test objects and environment models in all certification disciplines

  • performing computational experiments of any complexity

  • providing automated processing and analysis of data from computational experiments

  • providing model validation based on data from real experiments

  • creating a database of results of computational experiments

  • creating a database of UAV mathematical models and their components

Flight experiment management:

  • automated monitoring of compliance with operational restrictions during the flight experiment

  • automated compliance control of the required trajectory

  • automated rapid assessment of the material condition obtained as a result of the flight experiment

Compliance measurements:

  • measurement of UAV movement kinematic parameters (trajectory measurements)

  • noise measurement and building acoustic portraits of objects

  • measurement of UAV vibrations in the air

Monitoring of traffic:

  • radar surveillance (cooperative and non-cooperative, in the air and on the ground) of test objects and the external environment

  • visual surveillance and automatic tracking of objects in the near air space

  • visual surveillance and automatic tracking of objects in the maneuvering area

  • visual test object surveillance from a flying laboratory

Monitoring and security:

  • calculation of optimal UAV flight routes

  • control of compliance with the approved paths of traffic participants

  • automatic recognition and tracking of objects in the air and on the ground

  • conflict detection and alerts

  • providing aircraft traffic management and monitoring of safe intervals

  • providing interception control and test object movement control from the flying laboratory

Meteorological support for test flights:

  • measurement of surface atmosphere parameters (temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction), visibility range and clouds lower boundary height

  • detection of hazardous weather phenomena, precipitation zones and their movement forecast

  • temperature profile measurement in the surface atmosphere layer

  • wind situation monitoring in the airfield area with automatic identification of hazardous wind phenomena

  • access to space weather data

  • access to the extended weather forecast

Test results data management:

  • documenting and reproducing all data from surveillance sources

  • documenting and reproducing all measurement results

  • documenting and playing video data

  • access control to monitoring and measurement data

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