Meteorological support

UAS test site meteorological support means are a unique set of modern tools for monitoring surface atmosphere layer and detecting hazardous weather phenomena.

Automated meteorological observation system measuring surface atmosphere parameters (temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction), visibility range and the lower cloud boundary height.

X-band Doppler meteorological RADAR with the function of detecting hazardous weather phenomena, precipitation zones as well as their movement prediction within a 100 km radius.

Pulse Doppler wind LIDAR designed for wind conditions monitoring in the airfield zone at a range of up to 5000m with automatic detection of dangerous wind phenomena (wind shear, turbulence, intense up/down wind gusts), provides remote determination of wind characteristics, including determination of wind speed and direction in the sectors scanned; determination of wind shear characteristics (wind shear intensity and its spatial localization); identification of the gust front position; intense turbulence zones localization.

The automated complex for remote temperature sounding MTP-5 is intended for temperature profiles measurement at various altitudes.


This is an autonomous, all-weather measurement system that does not require radio sounding data.

The meteorological complex provides:

  • continuous and regular (every 5 minutes) real-time measurements of temperature profiles at an altitude of up to 1000 m

  • statistically based representation of temperature profile data up to 2000 m height

  • monitoring of the mixing layer height dynamics

  • observation of the origin, development and decay of temperature inversions

  • monitoring of possible icing zones

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