Flight Test Facility

The Flight Test Facility (hereinafter – FTF) is an infrastructural part of IANS, JSC as well as a combination of organizationally and functionally related structural units that carries out a range of works connected with UAS testing, development, operation and repair.

FTF main tasks are:

  • preparation and implementation of ground and flight tests (researches) of unmanned aircraft vehicles (hereinafter UAV) as parts of the UAS, carrying out the UAV production modifications during the tests

  • collection, processing and analysis of test and measurement data, evaluation of test results for compliance with customer requirements

  • deep assimilation of methodological documentation regulating the flight tests, if necessary, development of new methods and guidelines that increase the reliability of assessments of UAV samples

  • constant analysis of the flight-methodological support level for flight work, development and implementation of measures of the UAV flight safety  improvement

  • strict compliance with the rules and requirements for test flights  provision of unmanned experimental aircraft

  • full compliance with the requirements for engineering and aviation support of test flights

  • ensuring a high level of live control over the actions of external UAV pilots, flight control officers and the aviation equipment operation in flight and on the ground

  • high-level technical training of employees, simulator trainings and timely retraining of flight and engineering personnel for new equipment

  • ensuring the requirements of "lean manufacturing" in the development of new technologies for testing

  • ensuring the requirements of the regime, labor protection, industrial sanitation and fire safety

  • ensuring integrated production and socio-economic development in order to increase the efficiency of UAV flight tests

  • ensuring fuel, material and labor resources efficient usage

FTF main activities:

  • scientific and methodological support for flight tests

  • ensuring flight tests organization and conduction

  • flight support

  • aviation-engineering support

  • technical-engineering support

Flight test service main functions:

  • UAV flight test programs development, filling and submission for approval

  • test team operation organization to implement the flight test program for UAV

  • flight tasks development with external UAV pilots

  • consideration and approval of flight tasks performed by the crew of the UAS development company (mixed crew) under joint agreed programs

  • approval of technical specifications for the installation of an on-board measurement system necessary for UAS testing

  • issuance and study of flight tasks for UAS tests with the pilots

  • participation in preparatory and pre-flight training of external UAV pilots (familiarizing them with the test program and technical documentation for tested UAS regarding installed emergency experimental systems)

  • data analysis obtained during UAS tests

  • development of measures to improve the quality and reduce the time of the UAS tests

  • execution of reports, acts, conclusions based on test results

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