BG-Optics LLC In the Orlovka airfield sky

On August 30, 2020 IANS Flight Test Facility (FTF) team conducted flights with BG-Optics LLC at the Orlovka airfield in order to test the PHOENIX complex based on unmanned aerial vehicle (developed by BG-Optics LLC) and prepare it for the Neft competition within the framework of the VII International scientific and practical conference AERONEXT - a new level of aviation.


Main flight characteristics of UAV PHOENIX:

  • Maximum take-off weight – 11 kg

  • Maximum flight speed – 72 km/h

  • Maximum flight altitude – 3000 m

  • Flight duration – 60 min

  • Range – 16 km

  • Wind speed limit for take-off and landing – no more than 12 m / s

Based on the check results FTF specialists issued recommendations to the developer.

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