Digital platform

The UAS test site digital platform is a software and hardware complex that provides accelerated assessment of UAS compliance with airworthiness standards (certification), as well as testing of UAS under development.


The digital platform is designed for implementing virtual UAS flight tests, as well as services for end-to-end digital processing of test data. It assesses the compliance of UAS characteristics with the requirements of airworthiness standards and technical specifications.


The digital platform has the following functionality:

  • conduction of computational experiments

  • management of  certification process

  • accumulation of mathematical models and test results database

Conduction of computational experiments

The digital platform provides the assessment of UAV aerodynamic characteristics, flight dynamics, stability and controllability, functioning of control system and other UAV systems. After completing the computational experiment it allows to process and analyze the obtained data for the purpose of model validation.

Management of  certification process

It provide opportunities for managing certification data throughout the UAS certification process. Such approach  ensures two-way requirements traceability (Airworthiness standards – Certification requirements – Test programs – Argumentative documents), data versioning, as well as providing access to participants, taking into account access control requirements. The following works are provided:

  • development of product requirements and certification basis formation based on airworthiness standards

  • assigning methods for compliance determination and creating queries, programs, and test methods

  • development and maintenance of test and calculation plans that support the connectivity with requirements and data

  • management of calculation and test results as well as linking them to product and certification basis data

  • maintenance of product and bench equipment prototypes configuration at testing stages

Accumulation of mathematical models and test results database

It allows to accumulate data and information obtained during the certification of certain UAS types, thus ensuring the formation of an industry knowledge base. The following tasks are solved:

  • storage and up-to-date maintenance of the test results database (both virtual and in-situ)

  • creation of a standard mathematical models storage to perform computational elements of various certification disciplines

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