Air Space Structure

Air space, pilot zones, and UAV flight routes

The required UAS test site air space with the corresponding routes and flight zones is arranged in order to conduct flight tests and experiments for UAS flight characteristics assessment. Such airspace is used for certain UAV test flights, such as:

  • UAV flights in Orlovka airfield area, including Flight Test Center landing fields (from ARP to 5 km) - to assess their take-off and landing characteristics

  • UAV flights in the middle flight zone of the air space (from ARP to 35-50 km) - to check the UAS controllability and UAV performance characteristics

  • UAV flights in the long-range flight zone of the air space (from ARP to 150 km) - to check the UAS controllability, including UAV control channels maximum range determination

UAV flights are performed from Orlovka airfield runway and from the Flight Test Center landing sites.

Air space structure in 3D

The appropriate flight control and monitoring is provided when organizing UAV flight tests in the specified air space. It is established both in Orlovka airfield maneuvering area, Flight Test Center landing sites, pilot zones and on routes.

The UAS test site air space use for UAV flights is carried out according to standard scenarios, based on the implementation of flight testing and experiments programs.

UAV Testing Scenarios at the UAS Test Site

UAS flight tests are carried out for the following purposes:

  • to estimate UAV altitude and flight speed parameters

  • to determine UAV flight range and duration

  • to evaluate UAV flight path control with the identification of parameters deviations in flight speed, altitude and direction

  • to determine UAV power plant fuel consumption per kilometer and per hour

  • to estimate UAV stability and controllability characteristics in the authorized and peripheral flight envelope, during take-off and landing in crosswind, in icing conditions, with the engine off or in case of control system failure

  • to estimate UAV power plant noise on the ground

  • to evaluate UAV control channel by an external pilot

  • to assess other UAV flight characteristics

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